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Homepage (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: I can´t login into the Homepage, what do I have to take care about ?

A: First you need to have a registered Nickname on our IRC Network and you have to take care that if you got more than one Nickname on your Nickgroup you must use your main Nickname to login.

Notice: In some cases it's possible that you can't login. In that case try to delete your cookies. (Internet Explorer - Tools/Internet Options/Delete Cookies)

Q: I heard that you can request a Title on the Homepage for the Radio. How can I do this ?

A: You can do this in regard of the following Points.

1. You have to be logged in on the Homepage.

2. The Radio has to be online.

3. The Radiomod has to activated access to the playlists. If this is not the case, you can request on IRC on the Channel #DeepIRC-Radio your favourite song by typting !request <Your favourite song>.

The Radiomod will than play your song if he has it.

Please be sure, that you can only request max. 3 songs per hour from the Homepage.

Q: How can I contact the Team if I got any questions ?

A: Depending on what you want to ask, you can use our Contactform on the Homepage or if you have any IRC related Questions you can join our #help Channel on IRC.

Q: I saw that you have a PvPGN Network, what is this and how may I use it ?

A: Well the PvPGN Network is part of our Games Section and enables you to play games designed for the Battle.net and Westwood Online Services.

To use it you may follow some easy steps described on the Games FAQ on the DeepIRC Games Section.

Also you may take care about, that you can not use illegal or not on the Online Services of the depending Plattforms enabled versions of the supported games.

Any violation against the above warning can result in criminal proceedings, but will in any case be reported.

Q: When I change the Language on the Homepage and come back later, my Language selected is being reseted, why is that ?

A: There are two easy possibilities. Either your Webbrowser does not support Cookies or rather it blocks it or you are not logged in on the Homepage.

Well we had many thoughts about how to make our system as easy and comfortable as it could be. For this reason we decided to let the Webbrowser take care in which Language the Homepage is represented.

But since we wanted to give the user the option to change the Language by himself, we decided for logged in users to make this setting permanent.

This means that a logged in user can permanently switch the Language and will every time he gets back on the Homepage see the Page on the selected language again no matter what settings he has on his Webbrowser.

For all unregistered users we have at least make it that a user can change the language temporary for his active session. But even for unregistered users there is an option to make this permanent.

Depending on your Webbrowser you can change your Language settings to make the Homepage shown in the preffered Language.

Q: I have a question that isn´t listed here, but in my opinion it should be helpful for others, what can I do ?

A: First thanks in advance that you want to help us make this part of our Homepage better.

We are glad when our users are participating actively on our Network events and want to help us to improve our existing Ressources. Cause we build this hole things here for you.

Well if you think that your question is helpful, you can use our Contactform and under Sendto set it to Requests and further add your subject and question.

As you can see this part of our Homepage isn´t really complete, so we would be glad if you want to help us extend this Section.
If you got any other questions please use our Contactform or visit our #help Channel on IRC and ask an IRCOP/Helpop.

Your DeepIRC Team

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