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» DeepIRC IRC Commands Help

DeepIRC IRC Commands Help

Help - IRC commands

If you are completely new to IRC and don't know what commands are for, just go on reading. You have to use commands to do different things like joining a channel or sending a private message. To use a command, just type it at your clients command line. Nearly every command need one or more parameters - just type them after the command seperated by spaces. Parameters will be displayed between < and > and parameters which are optional will be put into brackets [ ].

Basic commands - every-day-needed commands

/NICK <New nick>

With this command you are able to change your nickname.

/JOIN <#channel>[,<#channel2>,...]

This allows you to join one or more channels to talk with others.
If you want to create an own channel, just use /join <#Your Channel>. You will get operator status if the channel is not registered to another person.


Type this command to get a list of channels on the network to find one you may want to join.

/PART <#channel>[,<#channel2>,...]

Use this command to leave one or more channels.

/NOTICE <channel/user> <message>

Sends a notice to a user, channel or server. Type /HELPOP ?NOTICE for more detailed information about this.

/PRIVMSG <channel/nickname> <message> or /MSG <channel/nickname> <message> (By most clients like mIRC, X-Chat and so on)

Also sends a private message to the given channel/nickname but if sent to a nickname it will normally open a private chat window at the user's client.

/QUERY <nickname>

Opens a private chat window with the given user.
Note: This is a client-side command, not every client is able to understand this command.


Shows the message of the day including network rules. You have to accept the rules before connecting to the DeepIRC Network.


Shows a list tree of all servers on the network including there numeric connection and with what hub servers they are directly connected.

/WHOIS <nickname>

Does a whois on the given nickname and shows statistical information if its online, such as on wich channels the user is, where he is connected, how long he is been idle and so.

/WHOWAS <nickname>

Shows the last connects of a offline user with the aproriative date and time.

/HELPOP <?command>

Shows help about specific commands. For a detailed list of all available commands type /HELPOP ? Also you can send a message asking for help with it. Just type /HELPOP your question.

Advanced commands - Commands that are more complex or used for informational stuff

/ADMIN <servername>

Shows adminstrative information about a server.

/AWAY <reason>

Sets your online status to "Away". If someone querys you or does a whois he will get the away reason. To unset it just type /AWAY.

/INVITE <nickname> <channel>

Invites a user into the given channel. This command functions only if you have halfop or op status.

/ISON <nickname1> <nickname2> <...>

Used to determine if certain user(s) are currently online based upon their nickname.

/KICK <channel> <nickname> [reason]

Removes a user from a channel. Can only be used by Operators or Half-Ops. If no reason is specified, your nickname becomes the reason.

/KNOCK <channel> [message]

For channels which are invite only, you can "Knock" on the channel to request an invite.

/LUSERS <servername>

Provides Local and Global user information (Such as Current and Maximum user count).

/MODE <channel/user> <mode>

Sets a mode on a Channel or User. Use /HELPOP CHMODES or /HELPOP UMODES to see a list of Modes

/NAMES <channel>

Provides a list of users on the specified channel. Note that only users that have not set the Usermode +i are shown and also only channels that are not +p or +s are shown.

/SETNAME <new real name>

Allows users to change their "Real name" (GECOS) directly online at IRC without reconnecting.

/SILENCE <+/-nickname>

Ignores messages from a user or list of users at the Server itself. To get a list of all ignored user in your list type /SILENCE. To remove someone from this list type /SILENCE -nickname.

/STATS <flag>

Provides certain Statistical information about the server. Type /stats without parameters to get a list of available flags. Some or maybe all /STATS requests can maybe be restricted to IRC Operators only.

/TIME <servername>

Displays the current Server Date and Time.

/TOPIC <channel> <topic>

Sets/Changes the topic of the channel in question, or just display the current Topic.

/USERHOST <nickname>

Returns the userhost of the user in question. Usually used by scripts or bots. Functions only if no cloaked hosts are activated on the Network.

/USERIP <nickname>

Returns the userip of the user in question. Usually used by scripts or bots. Functions only if no cloaked hosts are activated on the Network.

/VERSION <servername>

Provides Version information of the IRCD software in usage.

/WATCH <+/-nickname1> <+/-nickname2>

Watch is a notify-type system on the server. The server will send you a message when any nickname in your watch list logs on or off. To see your personal watch list type /WATCH. To remove someone from your list type /WATCH -nickname.

/WHO <+/-flags>

Retrieves information about users. For a more detailed list type /HELPOP ?WHO.

Also if you think that this help page doesn´t provide enough help and the help commands of the internal network help are not clearly understandable for you, you can join our help channel #help on our network and ask a question you want to know. If you don´t get an answer instantly, please just wait a few minutes. As you can see we are normal people, too that have our private things to do, but we try to get such things short and fast. So please be patient and don´t bother the Operators with private messages.

Thanks in advance,

Your DeepIRC Team

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