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Server Link Rules

Well first its nice to see that you are interrested in linking to our Network.

One thing to discuss in advance since we had earlier a few negativ experiences, we decided for a long time to not allow any Server links to our Network anymore.

A little story of our Network history:

Since we stared here with our Network DeepIRC back in 2003, we had nearly 2000+ users here.

At this time all was relativly good with the exception that we had almost every day floods and that kind of stuff, due to some channels that unfortunately had troubles with other Networks/Channels that caused this things to happen. This hole situation was running about a year, until, since there were already a few users gone in effect to this, we decided to remove this channels from our Network and to make more strict rules for the use of our Network.

Since we don´t want to have something similar to happen again, we have worked on a few changes/terms to allow linking under the condition to build a qualitively, stable and especially userfriendly Network.

We want to build a platform that is intended to be for communities from different sections and for commercial institutions that want to give their users an effective and easy to use system for there support/feedback areas or similar things.

Since we have a base that we created now over a longer period and in that way we have a good, effective and primarily a stable Network on form of our Serversoftware and Services, we want you to participate on that by linking to us.

Therefore after the goal of our Network and what we wanted to work for is now clear, listed below our Linkrules:

Rules for linking to our Network:

1. (Most important rules) No illegal channels, this means, but is not limited to: XDCC Channels, Hacker Channels, Floodbot Channels and such things.

2. Your Server has to be a dedicated Rootserver (No Shell/V-Servers) with enough CPU/RAM capacity (~1GHz/256MB) and at least a 100 MBit dedicated line and enough traffic for the IRC, about ~20 GB and maybe more.

3. Since an IRCD can have much ressource usage on high workload, your Server should´t be in commercial use or have a high payload that can affect the performance like:

Shells (with more than 10 Users and much high performance processes), V-Server also known as Virtual Server, Multiple Bouncer (with more than 20 Users), Webspace (for more users with excessive load), Gameserver (Server with more than one running game) and so on.

4. As we don´t want to have a Network with empty Servers, your Server should have at least one big and active community or at least 100 users.

5. You should if you are intended to adminstrate your Server by yourself, have at least 2 years of IRCOP knowledge and very good knowledge of the different IRC commands and in supporting users.

6. Coding knowledge in one of the following programming languages: C/C++, D, Perl, PHP/HTML/Javascript, TCL and database specific knowledge preferred MySQL would be an advantage, since we are extending the scale of our Services every day and take preferred people with the above knowledges.

7. There are only one Server Administrator and one Co Administrator allowed on each Server.

8. The ability to work in a team is absolutely needed, cause without exact discussions there would nothing really working. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to have the needed time to participate on team conferences and such things.

This are our conditions that we need from you. If you are interested to join our Network than click here and send us your expressive application including all Server specific data of your Server, your Community/User informations and your personal IRC/Coding knowledges.

We want to thank you in advance and hope to welcome you soon on our Team.

Your DeepIRC Team

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