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DeepIRC News

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  ID: 24            By: Ally                  Posted on: 10:00:19 01.12.10
Topic: Problems with the Network

As you already may have noticed we have some Problems on our Network since yesterday evening.

Different Systems are not responding. We are working to get this problem fixed.

We will build up a temporary backup solution in the next hours and hope that we can bring anything online until todays evening.

We are sorry for this and hope that you have furthermore much fun here.

Your DeepIRC Team

  ID: 23            By: Ally                  Posted on: 04:36:03 26.10.08
Topic: Homepage migration, Razorblade offline and two new Servers

As some of you may noticed today our Main Hub razorblade has gone offline.

So we moved our Homepage and the Services on a new Server to make things more flexible.

Also as a replacement for razorblade we got a new Hub named Milkyway sponsored by Markus and a new Leaf named nightmare by sagara.

Since the move isn\\\'t done completely yet, there are a few things like the PvPGN Server, the Trackmania Server and maybe some things here on the Website that are unavailable for now.

We are working on it, to fix it as soon as possible.

You will as always get updated on this when it\\\'s done and will get information on what you have to do if something was changed.

Have fun.

Your DeepIRC Team

  ID: 22            By: Ally                  Posted on: 18:08:45 14.08.08
Topic: #News Channel with RSS Feeds

As, on the news written before, we started our own RSS Feeds for News around DeepIRC and our DeepServices, we now revived an old Friend.

Our News Channel. Well it will not be like the old one that only announced News from our Forums, moreover it will be a Channel that has RSS Feeds from different providers and categories.

There are as for example included providers like, Slashdot.org, Computerbase, Heise, Heise Security, the Discovery Channel, N24, Bild, 4Players, T-Online Computer, Computerbild and of course our own Feeds from the Homepage, our Services and Forums.

The News will be announced directly on the channel with an headline and a link to the full News article.

You can of course use triggers like !rss deepirc to get the latest 3 News from the respective providers.

In this way you can read missed News from all categories.

We hope that you enjoy this new Service and you will use it by joining the Channel #News.

Have fun.

Your DeepIRC Team

  ID: 21            By: Ally                  Posted on: 20:58:25 31.07.08
Topic: DeepIRC and DeepServices RSS News Feeds

Well I had some time again for coding something special.

We now have three RSS Feeds for you available, to get our News from our Homepage and the DeepServices or from both together as an XML Output.

So if you want to always keep up-to-date without having to go on our Website or the Sourceforge Project Site of our Services, you can use our three News Feeds for example with your Webbrowser or if you got a Desktop Sidebar for XP or Vista you can add them there.

And here are the links for the three RSS Feeds.

DeepIRC RSS News Feed Link: http://www.deepirc.net/rss?which=deepirc

DeepServices RSS News Feed Link: http://www.deepirc.net/rss?which=orion

Combined RSS News Feed Link: http://www.deepirc.net/rss

Have fun with it and if you got any questions about it, just join our help or main Channel and ask there.

Your DeepIRC Team

  ID: 20            By: Ally                  Posted on: 22:14:06 02.07.08
Topic: Good Bye Anope, long live the DeepServices...

Well as announced we decided to code our own Services, cause our other Services (based on Anope) didn't fit anymore our needs.

With the actual day we ended the alpha stage on our DeepServices (Codename: Orion) and are starting with the beta stage directly here on our own Network.

Well the new Services should not only be reserved for our own Network.

Moreover we wanted to make the source open for other Networks, too so thats why we made a public version that can be found on Sourceforge, where you can download it and test it by yourself.

All related links for this can be found on the menu to your left under the link DeepServices (Orion).

We hope that you'll like our Services and as time goes on see the advantages our Services have against other actual Services like the planed Webinterface that will get integrated here on our Homepage and later make it on the public version, too.

We wish you much fun and hope you enjoy this new things,

Your DeepIRC Team

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