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  ID: 19            By: Ally                  Posted on: 17:26:46 10.06.08
Topic: Blond offline...

As we announced blond.de.eu.deepirc.net was turned off today.

We are sorry for that and we hope that all users will get soon there accounts on the new Bouncer System and can use it as the old one.

Your DeepIRC Team

PS: As a little present we give 10 IRC Bouncer Accounts for use here on DeepIRC to the first users messaging Ally for free.

  ID: 18            By: Ally                  Posted on: 18:20:43 28.04.08
Topic: Giga Homepage Award 2008

Well since we saw that Giga has a Contest for the best Homepage we thought that we should register our Website there and look what will happen.

We don't think that our Website is good enough to be on a Level with the best Sites on the Net, but we think that we are on a good way on that, as for the userfriendly Interface, the readability and the Informations especially for our Network.

And we wanted to see if and how much Feedback we will get from Non-Community people.

So please vote for us by clicking on your left on the Banner with the Title Giga Homepage Award.

We thank you in advance and would be glad for Feedback on our Forum.

Your DeepIRC Team

  ID: 17            By: shock                  Posted on: 03:31:52 27.12.07
Topic: DeepServices - project orion2.8 (first alpha version)

Yes people today (27.12.2007) in time for 2008, the first release of Deep Services is out now.

This is the first alpha version of the Live MySQL Services, these are the first services to support Live SQL!

This version still has a few bugs, which you please report to the DeepIRC-Team in channel #orion.

But now the first alpha version of this incredible technology how many people would say is available here:


I wish all people time to deal with it and a lot of fun and I hope that i am able to fix all bugs on time (even if someone misses any feature it could be helpful too) ;) - greetings shock

  ID: 16            By: sagara                  Posted on: 13:13:47 24.12.07
Topic: Merry Christmas

We wish all of you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  ID: 15            By: Ally                  Posted on: 08:20:30 16.12.07
Topic: New/Old Forum...

Well since I (Ally) was a little bit out of time for the Homepage on the last weeks, I couldn't work on our specially designed Forum for the Homepage and our old Forum was offline, so we installed a new one to be found at http://board.deepirc.net or by clicking left on the navigation link on Board.

There you can give us a Feedback, ask your questions and all that stuff you need to get off from you :P

We are thinking if it make sense to use the same data for loging in, on the new Forum as here on the Homepage and Services (since there could be a change in the structure when the new Services are ready), we are pleased that you register regularily on the Forum with a new account to post.

Of course you should use the same Username for that, so we know with who we are talking :P

Well we hope that you register all there and wish you much fun on our new Forums and of course we want to see much feedback from you there :)

Your DeepIRC Team

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