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DeepServices Features

Features (Already included):

Enhanced Multithreading/Multisocket Support - Supports massive querie requests and can handle much things at a minimum of cpu load.

Enhanced Security Features - Encrypted Passwords, Antispoofing/Antifishing Features, different Security Functions against Flooding and Spambots, Timed Registrations, Email Registration, Password/Nick/Channel Recovery Features, Always On Function (You can change your Nickname and still hold the rights of your identified Nickname - Temporary Rights Access).

Live SQL Support: Data that is stored on the MySQL Database is at the same time accessible over the services without delay and have not to be reread and saved again.

Vhost Support: Users can request a virtual Host that is set every time you identify and is made to show to Users a better looking Host than for example the cloaked Hosts of Unreal IRCd and of course to hide your real Host and IP.

Quakenet like Services Support: You can switch between the normal NickServ/ChanServ and Quakenet typical Q/L Bots to register and manage your Nicknames and Channels.

Enhanced Memory Management and Debug Functions: The Services check automatically how much memory they need and can reassign the needs on demand and you can switch the Services into a special Debug Mode to get more Informations if they crash.

Module Support: You can use own written Modules to enhance the Services with new Functions and/or Features.

On Demand Loading: You can load/reload/unload any Functions and Moduls without having to restart the complete Services.

Standard IRC Services Support: NickServ, ChanServ, BotServ, MemoServ, HostServ, OperServ.

IRCd Support: At the moment UnrealIRCd, InspIRCd, NefariousIRCu and IRCd´s that are based on that Protocol's.

Features (Planned/In progress):

Sockscontrol: An Enhancement to help again Spambots and Open Proxies.

GameServ: This will be the implementation of Ally's DeepGames IRC Services with which you can administrate GameServers over the IRC (This will be available later for Clans on the Network).

Webinterface: An standardized Webinterface for the Services that can be integrated easily on nearly every Website and let you do things like changing Settings and Data on your Nick or let new Users register their Nick over your Website and much more.

IRCd Support: Planned are more supports for normal IRCu, asuka+IRCu, Hybrid and possibly Bahamut and other Derivates.

More to come soon...

Your DeepIRC Team

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