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» Server and Services (Frequently asked Questions)

Server and Services (Frequently asked Questions)

Q: I´ve got a question concerning the Services, but I don't find an answer in this FAQ. Where do I have to search for it?

A: All Services have their own help, you can look at it with your chat-client. To do that, type:

for NickServ : /msg NickServ help
for ChanServ : /msg ChanServ help
for MemoServ : /msg MemoServ help
for BotServ : /msg BotServ help
for LoveServ : /msg LoveServ help
for MoraleServ: /msg MoraleServ help

If you're still in trouble afterwards, then feel free to join #help and ask us there.

Q: Is the Services help available in other languages?

A: Yes, it is. For a overview of all languages type:

/msg NickServ help set language

Then for changing the language to german for example, type:

/msg NickServ set language 2

Q:I've registered my nick. But I can't identify myself to the Services. What's up?

A:Most common reason in this case is your long time of inactivity in the DeepIRC. After a period of 21 days without identifying a nick it will be released from the database automatically and can be re-registered by anyone.

Q: Someone else is using my nickname. What can I do?

A: If your nick isn't registered (or not registered anymore) you can do nothing about it. If it is, you can ghost your nick.

Q: I have forgotten the password for my nickname. What do I have to do to recover it?

A: The easiest thing is: get a mail from us with it. For that, type:

/msg NickServ sendpass <nick>

Then a mail gets send to the adress with which you registered your nickname.

Q: My connection to the DeepIRC was somehow closed. Now on reconect the Server tells me, that my "Nickname is already in use". How can I change this?

A: There is no possibility to change that. After some minutes your ghost will be parting automatically with (Quit: Ping timeout). If you want a faster way, then use the ghost-command to kill the old connection:

/msg NickServ ghost <nick> <password>

Then your ghost will disappear immediately and you can rename yourself.

Q: Why am I K-lined?

A: There is a whole bunch of possibilities for that, in most cases you are able to see the reason. Most common and easy cases: Spam, using of illegal Bots or tried to connect more than 3 clients from the same IP.

More difficult is, when someone within your Domain or IP-Range did that, and the Admin did not contact us for clearing. In this case please contact an Admin via the Homepage.

Q: I forgot the password of my channel #xyz. What should I do?

A: If you are the founder of the channel, you are able to set a new one - as long as you are properly identified:

/msg ChanServ set <#channel> password <new_password>

Q: I always get killed with the reason "Session limit exceeded". What can I do against that?

A: There are only 3 connections to the DeepIRC allowed for every IP-adress. Every further connection will be killed with this reason. If this is happening repeatedly the Ip-adress might be banned as well! If you have a static IP and you need more than 3 connections from it, then ask one of the Admins for a Trust.

Q: Why was user xyz banned?

A: There is always a good reason for that, but only the concerning user has to know it. You don't! This is the reason why you only get: "User has been banned from DeepIRC".

Q: When I try to connect, I always get one of these messages: "Connection refused", "You are not welcome on this server" or "You are not authorized to connect to this server"?

A: As a regular user you aren't able to use all of our servers in the network. That's why you never should try to use a special server, but you should always connect to irc.deepirc.net. This link works at every time and redirects you to one of our public servers in the DeepIRC.

F: On which ports can I connect to your Network ?

A: We have the ports 6660-6669 open for normal connections and for secured connections (SSL) port 6699.

As you can see this part of our Homepage isn´t really complete, so we would be glad if you want to help us extend this Section.
If you got any other questions please use our Contactform or visit our #help Channel on IRC and ask an IRCOP/Helpop.

Your DeepIRC Team

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